Having trouble due to Starting Game bug in Overwatch 2? Try these 12 Accurate Ways. [2023]

Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2
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Many individual are experiencing difficulties with a Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2. Let’s focus on Overwatch 2 and explore 12 effective ways to fix common issues. First, it’s important to understand what Overwatch 2 is. And in this Article, you will find 12 super ways to fix the same.

What is Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. It is a sequel to the popular team-based shooter game Overwatch, which was released in 2016. Overwatch 2 features new game modes, new heroes, new maps, and a new story campaign that follows the heroes of Overwatch as they fight against a global invasion by the robotic army of Null Sector. Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game that supports cross-play and cross-progression across multiple platforms and devices. You can play Overwatch 2 with your friends and enjoy the high-octane action and the diverse roster of heroes.

What is Starting Game Bug or Error in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 can be played across multiple platforms and devices, allowing you to enjoy the game with your friends.. Every one is not getting satisfaction from the latest franchise entry, especially when the shooter does not stop crashing. The starting game bug in Overwatch 2 is a common bug that prevents players from joining a match. It usually happens when the game servers are down or overloaded, or when there is a problem with the game files or the graphics drivers.

The “Starting Game Bug” in Overwatch 2 is not a tough challenge to overcome, and this guide will demonstrate how you can do it. The bug is irritating, but you can handle it quickly. Let’s Jump the solutions to fix this bug quickly.

Steps to fix “Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2”

1. Updating the Game to the latest version –

The reason for the “Starting Game bug in Overwatch 2″ is a version mismatch, which is another problem. To solve this, you will have to update the game to the first patch, which will automatically delete all the corrupt files from the system and solve it. This can be done by –

  1. Opening the Battle.net app, client, or launcher.
  2. Selecting Overwatch 2 from the library of games.
  3. And then click on the settings icon.
  4. Then, check for updates and download them if available.
  5. After the completion of updates and installing the game, launch it to check if the problem persists.

2. Repairing the game files of Overwatch 2 can be stated as OW2 –

The problem might be persisting due to corrupted files of the game OW2 which can be solved easily by following some simple steps that are stated or listed below. If the Game has the same bug even after doing this, you need not worry as there are 9 more steps that can be useful. So, repairing the game files can be done by –

  1. Opening the Battle.net app, client, or launcher.
  2. Then, select Overwatch 2 from the games library.
  3. Click on the Settings icon.
  4. Then, click on Scan and Repair and wait for the process to complete.

This might take some of your precious time but re-downloading the files that had been corrupted most probably resolve your issue.

3. Update the Graphic Drivers/ Install the latest GPU drivers –

It is your duty to keep your graphics drivers in the latest version. For this, you will have to download the latest drivers from their different websites for OW2. This can be done by –

  1. Opening the GeForce or Radeon app, depending on your graphics card.
  2. And then check for updates.
  3. Then, download and install them if available.

if you have an NVIDIA-based system, go to their official website. Also, GeForce for NVIDIA will help you to update the graphic driver to the latest version available. For AMD users, go to their official website to install the latest drivers for their GPU, or the Radeon app will help you to do so.

4. Closing background applications –

We probably think that running too many applications in the background will not cause any issues in our gaming experience but that’s completely wrong. They may interfere with the game resources that can cause a “Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2”.

Ending these unnecessary background applications is very helpful and most probably resolves the problem that OW2 is constantly showing preventing the player to enter and play. Although this is not a permanent solution, it clears the problem for some time and helps in meeting the game. While playing the game, some third-party applications or software can affect the game.

  1. You can use the CTRL + Shift + Esc key to start the Task Manager.
  2. Select the processes and apps that are consuming too much of your RAM.
  3.  By clicking on End Task, you can force these programs to close. 
  4. Restart your PC, open OW 2, and check if the problem is still there or not.

5. Check your network and internet settings –

“Starting Game bug in Overwatch 2” can be caused by a poor internet connection. To check this, you can follow these steps –

  1. Press the Wi-Fi icon on your computer and click on “Network & Internet settings”.
  2. Next, select the “Network troubleshooter” option to figure out if it’s a network issue.
  3. If the troubleshooter detects any problems, follow the instructions to fix them.
  4. If the troubleshooter does not find any problems, try restarting your router or modem.
  5. If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

6. Wait for servers to be backup –

If you are sure that your game is updated and doesn’t have any major issues, then wait for the servers of the game to back up to fix the issue of “Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2”. This can be done by checking the status of the game servers on DownDetector or Twitter. You can also follow @BlizzardCS or @PlayOverwatch for updates.

When trying to start a game OW2, the message “Error starting game, trying again.” appears in the chat log at the bottom left of the screen, which affects many players. If you also experience this, contact Blizzard’s customer service team on Twitter to see if they have found a solution to the problem.

7. Uninstall and Reinstalling the game –

This might be a tedious job for you to uninstall the game and then reinstall it just to fix the issue which is mentioned “Starting game Bug in Overwatch 2” but on the other hand, it is quite proven to resolve the issues.

  1. You can remove the game from your system and download it again, which will solve many of the problems in OW2.
  2. If you still face the “Starting game bug in Overwatch 2” problem after this, you have two options – either follow Blizzard’s customer service team on Twitter to see if they are working on it or send feedback to Blizzard Support.

8. Disable Windows Firewall & Anti-Virus –

Although Windows Firewall or any installed anti-virus software or programs that you install in your pc to protect it from any foreign virus (malware), sometimes they can create trouble by interfering with the game, here, OW2. Therefore, you can temporarily disable them to prevent their interference with the game.

After, disabling the pre-mentioned programs, launch your game and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

9. Connecting with the Blizzard support team –

You can also contact the Blizzard support team for help. For this,

  1. You have to go to the website and select Overwatch 2.
  2. And provide information about the problem.
  3. You can present your problem more accurately with the option “I like to categorize the problem”. This option will take you to the Blizzard Forums, where you can find out if anyone else has the same issue.

Go to Blizzard’s support page Select Overwatch 2 Tell or categorize the problem.

10. Restart the Battle.net App –

You can restart the Battle.net application to get rid of many problems that may affect the performance of Overwatch 2 or other games that you play through this application. Battle.net is primary source of all Blizzard games, and it runs crucial tasks such as downloading and updating games, connecting to servers in a specific region, and much more.

Sometimes, these tasks may have some issues, which can cause some troubles in the game, such as the game suddenly stopping, closing, solving a problem, or making a mistake. By reopening the Battle.net application, you can get help in solving these troubles, and reopen the Battle.net processes happily, which makes Overwatch 2 open happily again.

11. Change the region of the OW2 game –

Changing regions can also help you to get rid of the issue you are facing. For this follow the fore more mentioned steps –

  1. Start the Battle.net desktop application.
  2. Select Overwatch 2.
  3. Tap on the globe icon.
  4. Change your region (such as Asia).
  5. Start Overwatch 2 and try to participate in a game.

12. Restart your PC –

Last but not least, try restarting your PC, after closing all the programs. This will help to clear the cache files and give the pc a quick reboot, helping to resolve the issues.

Conclusion –

Concluding this article, resolving”Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2″ can be a tedious job but not impossible. With the right steps and solutions, it can be fixed within a limited amount of time. There is no need to worry. We have almost covered all the solutions from updating the game to restarting the pc that can be very helpful to you in fixing the issue.

Moreover, if you find this article helpful and it helped you in any way then some other websites too. I hope this helps you resolve the issue and enjoy playing Overwatch 2. It is a fun and exciting game that features new heroes, modes, maps, and stories. Do you have a favorite hero in Overwatch 2?

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Ques 1# Why does Overwatch 2 error starting game issue occur?

Answer 1# The Overwatch 2 error starting game issue occurs when there is a problem with the game servers, the game files, or the network connection. The reasons might be:-

  1. The game servers are down or undergoing maintenance. This can prevent players from joining a match or cause them to be disconnected.
  2. The game files are corrupted or outdated. This can cause the game to malfunction or crash.
  3. The network connection is unstable or slow. The performance of the game may be impacted or latency issues may arise due to this.

Ques 2# How do I fix the Overwatch 2 error starting game issue?

Answer 2# This is a common bug that many players have encountered, and it can prevent you from joining a match or cause you to be disconnected. The above-mentioned steps can be followed to resolve the following issue.

Ques 3# What are some common errors that occur in Overwatch 2?

Answer 3# Like any other game, OW2 may also encounter some errors that can affect your gaming experience. Here are some of the general errors that players have reported in OW2:

  1. Starting Game Bug in Overwatch 2. This is what we have already discussed.
  2. There has been a general error with code 0xE00101B0: This error occurs when your graphics card is outdated or not installed correctly. It can cause the game to crash or malfunction. Some possible solutions are to update your graphics card to the latest version or reinstall it.
  3. Connection to the game server has failed: This error occurs when you fail to connect to an Overwatch 2 server. Overloaded servers, maintenance periods, or server outages can cause it.
  4. Device lost during rendering: This error occurs when your graphics card stops responding or crashes. It can cause the game to freeze or close. Some possible solutions are to lower your graphics settings and update your graphics drivers.
  5. Heroes that are currently unavailable: This error occurs when you are unable to select certain heroes in the hero selection screen. It can be caused by a bug or a game mode feature. Some possible solutions are to restart the game and change the game mode.


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